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Are YOU ready???

My granddaughter!
Nothing can prepare you completely for childbirth, but Barbara’s class certainly made us feel much more comfortable going into the delivery room.

Learning what to expect when you are in labor is just as important as learning what to expect when you are expecting. Childbirth preparation teaches you how to determine when you are in labor and what to do next. This one-time class is individualized and customized to teach you what you want to know about your labor and delivery.

We left feeling extremely confident that we knew what to expect and how to handle whatever situation developed.

You may choose to learn about anatomy, physiology, breathing, relaxation and visualization, newborn appearance and behaviors along with what to expect from early newborn care in the hospital, initial bonding and beginning breastfeeding. You may choose to discuss cord blood banking, childcare options or pediatricians.

Her calm, funny, comforting and experienced ways were just what we (I) needed! I wouldn’t change anything about our experience and would highly recommend Barbara’s coaching session to all first-time parents – or those who need a refresher!

Being prepared is a gift for yourself and your new family. Accurate and specific instruction that is personalized will enable you to meet your goal for your entire birthing experience to be as comfortable and comforting as possible from late pregnancy to the earliest signs of labor to the ease with which you welcome your new baby.

There are a very few people who have the ability to touch our heart and heal it, Barbara is one of them.

Radio host Karon Viggiano interviewed Barbara recently on her WRNW show in New York:

      WRNW interview with Barbara